From the water of life.

Published on 25 November 2021 at 09:15

From the water of life.


Lunczner Gyula Béla.


From the water of life.


I lost it when I looked into your eyes,
I am burned in the fire of your soul.
I'm dead and yet I'm alive again,
there is no longer a word for what I feel.


There is no word and no thought,
to me now you are the infinite.
Soul, who understands my soul,
human, who loves as a human.


The impossible lo, it's possible,
so what God gives, it will be enough.
Miracle finds me and accompanies me on my journey,
my heart is your heart reward.


I got a life out of the water of life,
there is nothing to fear because God loves.
He bandaged the wound of my soul,
that I may heal yours.


To finally make sense again,
to embrace you again with my two hands.
God sent you to be free again,
to find your happiness .....




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