With a broken heart.

Published on 25 November 2021 at 07:32

With a broken heart.


Lunczner Gyula Béla.


With a broken heart.


I came in front of you with a broken heart,
I came with a broken heart, my God.
To put down my pain, what burns in my heart.
I put down my pain, I place my burden on you.


You gave me the joy of life,
you gave me hope, strength, faith.
You gave everything, and I didn't give anything,
you gave me everything, that was enough for me.


I never liked what glittering,
I loved the simple, not the bright.
I never wanted much,
that was enough for me, thank God.


I put down my pain, I put my burden down.
you have always helped, my faithful Lord.
You who manage the lives of millions
one of the millions, now thanks ...




This image is a calligraphy showing the shahada.
By the grace of Allah, I made it in 2021.

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